Weighing Machinery: supplied by Obeeco LTD

At Obeeco, we supply commercial weighing machinery to manufacturers across Ireland. No matter what industry you’re based in, our range of weighing machinery ensures proper production efficiency and the accurate distribution of your products.

Weighing machinery suppliers

We supply highly accurate weighing machinery that is designed to handle large volumes of products within the production floor. Whether you need to measure the exact amount of ingredients in the assembly line, or if you need a check weighing machine as part of your quality control process, we can supply your manufacturing floor with an appropriate piece of machinery that’s designed to handle your weighing needs.

Weighing machinery for food

Within the food manufacturing industry, companies need to be able to effectively weigh out their ingredients. This ensures a consistent quality of food produce, accurate representation of micronutrients, and compliance with statutory regulations.

With our range of weighing machinery, food manufacturers can ensure that they are safely handling produce in a hygienic manner. Whether it’s meat, fish, dairy, or fruit and vegetables, food weighing machinery, supplied by Obeeco, will help streamline your food production process, reduce human error, and improve quality control.

Multihead weighing machinery by Yamato

Weighing - multihead weigher yamato

A multihead weighing machine is used to sort large volumes of products into smaller, and more manageable increments. This weighing machine can be used in various production lines and it is not just limited to sorting food produce. It can be used to sort raw materials and provide accurate measurements for assembling the final product.

A multihead weighing machine is a crucial component of the production line and many manufacturing companies wouldn’t be able to keep pace with the demand for their products without one. This machine automates the weighing process, eliminating the need for manual management and minimising the human interaction needed for this production phase.

How does a multihead weighing machine work?

A multihead weighing machine sorts bulk products into the desired measurements, ensuring a uniform and accurate quantity of your desired materials. The machine uses digital programming to deliver consistent and repetitive results, producing an automated production line that requires little to no involvement.

The multihead weighing machine can be adapted to suit multiple production needs, whether you need to weigh out specific ingredients or measure portion controlled amounts for product packaging, it can all be adapted to meet those requirements. This machinery is also available in an automatic or semi-automatic design, ensuring that it can be easily integrated into your production line.

At Obeeco, we can supply top of the range weighing machinery from the leading manufacturer Yamato. We can also advise you on the most suitable method for meeting your product’s weighing needs.

Check weighing machinery by Yamato

Weigher - yamato checkweigher

A check weighing machine ensures a consistent quality of your final manufactured product. It weighs the product at the end of the production line and ensures that it has been packaged to meet the desired weight.

If a product is found to be overweight or underweight, the machine will eliminate the product and signal that something has gone wrong on the assembly line. An error on the assembly line could cause contaminated products, a loss of inventory or result in an insufficient quality of the finalised product. A check weighing machine is that final stamp of approval and ensures that the assembly line is functioning at full efficiency.

How does a check weighing machine work?

A check weighing machine is a crucial component to ensure uniform products and an automated quality control system. The machine will weigh 100% of the products that pass through the production line, so you know that you’re receiving an accurate product weight, as opposed to spot checking methods for quality control.

The machine uses a digital scale, measuring the product’s quantity to a decimal point. This ensures optimal accuracy and very specific measurements – which are crucial when optimising manufacturing performance and production line efficiency.

At Obeeco, we can supply your manufacturing business with top of the range weighing equipment, ensuring that you adhere to product legislation and that your production process is profitable and not wasting resources.

Why do you need Industrial weighing solutions?

If your manufacturing business is producing a large demand for its products, then an industrial weighing machine will help streamline the process and improve the efficiency of the production line.

Industrial weighing solutions save time, increase production speed, improve the accuracy of measuring your products and can act as a form of quality control. With automated machinery, your manufacturing floor will be fully optimised and ready to tackle the demand for your products.

Whether you’re in the food industry or the non-food industry an industrial weighing machinery will help optimise the assembly line. It’s a worthwhile investment and a piece of machinery that will pay for itself in the long run.

Weighing machinery suppliers in Ireland

At Obeeco, we are Ireland’s leading supplier of Yamato weighing machinery. With over 40 years’ experience servicing manufacturing companies, we can recommend the most appropriate weighing solutions, ensuring that your assembly line is working to its full efficiency and optimal performance.

Our range of weighing equipment is designed to be energy efficient, accurate, hygienic and easy to use. Call our team for an in depth discussion on your weighing needs and how Yamato machinery can help streamline your assembly line.