Obeeco can offer a wide range of filling machines from a simple single head unit to high speed multi-head machines with cappers which suit all applications. Built to the highest industry standards and used by many leading companies world-wide, these machines can cater for a wide range of viscosities from water to mayonnaise, soft-gels, creams, and oils etc.

PIAB Vacuum Conveyors

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Vacuum Conveyors by PIAB are a great tool for working with bulk solids. Vacuum Conveyors are used to transport dry solids such as powders in bulk from place to place in a safe, controlled environment.

By using a Vacuum Conveyor, you are guarenteed a hygienic, protected method of transportation with minimal chance of product wastage through errors such as spillage that may occur if products are being transported manually.

Other forms of conveyors, elevators, hoists and bulk feeders will not be able to compete with PIAB Vacuum Conveyors. PIAB Vacuum Conveyors come with a five year warranty and are built to stand the test of time, made with long-lasting materials. For more information on PIAB Vacuum Conveyors and how these could improve how you transport bulk solids in your business, please contact us.

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Auger Based Filling Equipment from All-Fill International Ltd.

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All-Fill International Ltd. is an established world leading supplier of semi-automatic and automatic auger fillers, suitable for powders, granules, dry products, liquids, pastes & creams.  The All-Fill fillers are developed for an extensive range of products to be handled on the same machine.

Obeeco is the Irish Agent for All-Fill International Ltd, so if you’d like to hear more about these filling solutions we should have a conversation. contact us

Sneyders Filling & Capping Machines


Filling machines by Sneyders are widely known for their high-quality output and precision in the food and drinks industry. 

Sneyders filling machines are fitted with advanced technology that ensures consistent filling, reduction of waste and increased productivity due to the ease of use of the machinery. Filling machinery by Sneyders are built to last as they are made from durable materials that can withstand the demands of busy production lines.

At Obeeco, we offer bottle capping machines from Sneyders which have a range of benefits, some of which include the machinery being suitable for all types of liquids and the Scaldis bottle capping machine closing bottles with both screw-on and press-on caps.

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Induction Cap Sealing Machinery from Enercon Industries

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The leading supplier and installer of cap sealing and induction heat sealing technology is Enercon Industries.  Obeeco is the Irish Agent for Enercon who have been installing cap sealers into both large and small manufacturers on every continent for over 40 years. Every day Enercon’s induction heat sealing technology is trusted to seal over 75 million containers in Europe.   Tamper evident packaging is becoming standard for regulatory, safety and practical reasons across the automotive, agrochemical, beverage, chemical, cosmetic, dairy, food, household and pharmaceutical industries.

Obeeco is the Irish Agent for Enercon so if you are interested in hearing more about cap sealing and induction heat sealing technology we should have a conversation. contact us