Marination Machinery

Marination offers far more than increased shelf life, although this still plays a role. It has evolved into a way of adding value to your products in terms of enhanced flavour, more appetising colour, higher yield and an appealing bite.

Obeeco is the Irish Agent for GEA Further Processing & Packaging, an industry leader in marination, and offer an excellent range of machines for injecting, tumbling, massaging, tenderising, brine preparation and defrosting.

Brine preparation with GEA ScanBrine

Marination - brine preperartion -GEA scanbrine

The starting point for successful marinating is a homogeneously mixed brine or marinade. Carefully formulated brine that is mixed and stored under tightly controlled conditions will enhance the value, consistency and safety of your end product.

The GEA ScanBrine is ideal for mixing light brines up to heavy marinades. This brine preparation system not only meets the most stringent process-related criteria, but also incorporates time and labour saving features that bring down the cost of ownership.

Brine Injecting: GEA Multijector

Marination - injecting

Whether you produce red meat, pork, poultry or fish products, brine injection can increase profits and give you more opportunities to develop a variety of food products.

The GEA MultiJector is a multi-purpose brine injector. It is a flexible solution for injecting bone-in, boneless and delicate products and can be easily configured for a range of food and capacities. The GEA FPP range of brine injectors will ensure even distribution throughout the product and is packed with cutting-edge technology that adds value to your products and processes.

Massaging & Tumbling with GEA ScanMidi & GEA ScanMini

marination - scan midi

Massaging or tumbling optimises product quality and the consistency of the marinating process. It ensures even brine distribution and softens the structure of the meat to extract maximum value from your product. GEA FPP massaging & tumbling solutions such as the GEA ScanMini and Gea ScanMidi combine high performance with short processing times, adding to your potential profitability.

Obeeco is the Irish distributor for GEA Further Processing & Packaging.

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