Ribbon & Inks


Obeeco offers a wide range of industrial Inks and can advise you on the most suitable Ink for your printing equipment.  We source inks, solvents, make-up, top-ups and wash solutions of the highest standard so you can ensure optimum performance from your printer. Inks are available for a range of printers including Continuous Ink Jet and Large Character Inkjet.

Hot Stamping Foil

Obeeco offers a range of pigmented, metallic or cold foil for coding onto a solid surface. Foils are available in a range of colours, patterns and finishes to add extra visual appeal to products and packaging. Already extensively used on cartons and labels for premium products, foils are increasingly being adopted for everyday consumer goods, with the range of patterns and colours offering a fascinating choice of creative opportunities for packaging design, all with the aim of attracting consumer interest and enhancing brand image.


Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Obeeco offers a comprehensive range of high-performance thermal transfer ribbon grades sourced from leading European manufacturers for a range of thermal transfer printers.  With a choice of up to 50 colours the range includes ribbons for near edge and flat edge technology with a wax, resin or wax-resin finish.