Heat Sealers: supplied by Obeeco LTD

Heat Sealers
At Obeeco, we supply an impressive range of conduction heat sealers to manufacturers across Ireland, allowing businesses to package their products conveniently and efficiently. Depending on the dimensions of your product, we can recommend a suitable heat-sealing machine that will provide durable and sturdy packaging.

How does a heat sealer machine work?

A conduction heat sealing machine uses heat and pressure to melt a thermoplastic layer on the inside of the package, this creates a chemical bond that produces an air-tight seal. It only takes seconds to seal a package securely.

Heat-sealing machines also have digital temperature control, this ensures that the machine can be adjusted to meet the melting temperature of different films and thermoplastic layers. A large metal seal bar is used to seal the package, and this bar maintains thermal stability, ensuring uniformity in the heat-sealed packages.

For manufacturers that need to seal large volumes of packages, a semi-automatic heat-sealing machine is available. This requires little manual labour and can produce huge amounts of heat-sealed packages in a short amount of time, saving on staffing costs and increasing the efficiency of the production floor.

Benefits of using a heat sealer for packaging

Provides a durable package

Heat sealing technology produces a durable package that is temperature resistant and can withstand general wear and tear. The package itself is also flexible, meaning it can be easily transported without damaging the packaging.

Is a fast packaging method

Heal sealing machinery can produce large volumes of heat-sealed packages in a short amount of time, meaning it can increase the efficiency and productivity of the production floor.

Is a cost-effective packaging option

Compared to other packaging methods, heat sealing technology is a more cost-effective option. Semi-automatic models also require little manual involvement, which saves on staffing costs.

Provides a tamper-proof package

Heat-sealing provides a tamper-proof package which protects against potential contamination. It also provides the dual benefit of being an anti-theft package, something can manufacturers are increasingly investing in.

Increases the display space

Another benefit of using heat-sealed packages is that it increases the display space on the package. This allows manufacturers to have more space for branding and it also increases the visual appeal of the product, especially when used for food packaging.

Can be adapted for environmental packaging

Depending on the type of adhesive film and packaging material used, heat sealing technology can be adapted to meet environmental packaging standards.

Requires little maintenance

The great thing about heal sealing machinery is that it requires little maintenance, as long as the machine itself is in working order, you don’t need to spend additional time packaging your product.

Different types of heat sealers

Depending on the dimensions of your product and whether or not it is a food-related item, you may require a specific type of heat sealing machinery. At Obeeco, we stock an impressive range of heat sealers and can advise you on the most suitable option to meet your product packaging needs.

Hand or foot-operated heat sealers

This type of heat sealer requires the user to pull down on a lever or press the foot pedal in order to apply pressure and perform the heat sealing process. This type of heat sealer is ideal for small businesses or those packaging small volumes of product.

Heavy-duty semi-automatic bag and sack sealers

This type of industrial heat sealer is able to seal large volumes of product in a short amount of time. It is ideal for manufacturers who need to increase the productivity and efficiency of their production floor.

Special-purpose heat sealing equipment

Depending on the dimensions of your product and the contents inside, you may require special-purpose heat sealing equipment in order to securely package your product and maintain its integrity.

Vacuum sealing machines and vacuum chambers.

This type of heat-sealing machinery removes all of the air from inside the packaging, producing an air-tight package and removing all of the oxygen inside. This type of machinery is ideal for food manufacturers that need to keep their produce as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Heat sealers for packaging

Depending on the packaging material, you might require an impulse heat sealer or a continuous heat sealer. Both types of machinery use a heating plate to seal the package, but they work slightly differently from each other.

It’s important to consider which type of heat sealing machine you will need as they differ in terms of temperature stability and thermal control.

Impulse heat sealer

An impulse heat sealer uses a small pulse of electricity to heat the plate to a high temperature. It only lasts a few seconds and is usually used for sealing packages with a low melting point, i.e.) pillow-type bags, pouches, sachets, and gusseted bags

Continuous heat sealer

A continuous heat sealer will maintain a higher temperature for a longer period of time. This machine is able to seal packages that have an adhesive with a high melting point, i,e,) foil bags and mylar bags.

Ireland’s leading supplier of heat sealers

At Obeeco, we have over 40 years of experience supplying heat sealers to manufacturers across Ireland. Our expert team work with your business to find the most profitable and efficient option for meeting your packaging needs.

We are passionate about helping manufacturers improve the productivity of their production floor and find a packaging solution that meets their product’s packaging needs. We can recommend heat sealers that are easily integrated into the assembly line and will provide a strong return on investment.

Whether you need an airtight packaging solution or seeking to improve the visual appeal of your product’s package, we are on hand to give expert advice and support. We can also recommend heat sealers that are easily integrated into your assembly line. Give our team a call, and we would be happy to help!