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Hot Stamping Foil: supplied by Obeeco LTD

Hot Stamping Foil

Obeeco supplies hot stamping foil across Ireland. We help manufacturing companies distinguish their products from competitors and increase consumer interest for their goods.

Foils come in a range of patterns, finishes and colours, perfect for creating a unique design that enhances the visual appeal of your product or packaging.

What is hot foil stamping?

Hot foil stamping is a printing method that produces a pigmented, metallic or gold design onto the surface of a printing medium. The process uses a very thin foil which is transferred through heat and pressure via the stamping process.

Hot foil stamping can be used to illustrate letters, numbers or graphics, making them stand out and attract attention to the finished product. It can also be used to create different textures, such as a glossy finish, matte finish or holographic design.

Why use hot foil stamping in manufacturing?

Hot foil stamping in manufacturing produces eye-catching products and packaging that stands out to consumers. The foil conveys a luxurious appeal and catches the surrounding light, literally highlighting your brand in the physical sense and generating consumer interest.

Hot foil stamping can be used for a variety of creative designs, with a range of colours and patterns available, your branded goods can become a prominent option amongst consumer choices, giving you that competitive edge and enhancing your brand image.

Is hot foil stamping permanent?

Hot foil stamping is a permanent design for printing mediums. It produces a high-quality finish whilst also being abrasion and moisture-resistant. It is an ideal option for enhancing the visual appeal of consumer goods and can be used on an incredibly wide range of materials.

What is a die in hot foil stamping?

The ‘die’ in hot foil stamping is the metal plate that is used for engraving the design onto the medium. Dies are usually made from magnesium, brass or copper and include an etched logo, pattern or lettering that is pressed onto the printing medium.

How does a hot foil printer machine work?

If you’re thinking of introducing a hot foil stamping machine onto your production floor, then it’s worth knowing how the whole process works. There are two main methods for the hot foil stamping process, manual or digital – we’ll discuss the difference between both.

Manual hot foil stamping

Manual hot foil stamping uses a stand-alone foil-blocking machine to conduct the process. This type of hot foil stamping is usually used for creative purposes or for small businesses where there isn’t a huge, overwhelming demand for foil-printed products.

The process of manual hot foil stamping includes:

  1. The die is mounted into the press.
  2. The printing medium is placed into the foil-blocking machine.
  3. The die is heated to a high temperature.
  4. A manual lever is used to exert force onto the printing surface.
  5. The foil then melts onto the medium’s surface, creating a permanent bond.
  6. The medium is left to cool.
  7. Once cooled, open the foil-blocking machine.
  8. Remove the waste foil.
  9. The hot foil stamping process is complete.

Digital hot foil stamping

Digital hot foil stamping is a more efficient and fast-paced method for conducting the hot foil stamping process. This method is favoured by manufacturing businesses that are seeking to enhance the design of their branded products or goods.

The process of digital hot foil stamping includes:

  1. The design is created using graphics software, as opposed to using a ‘die’.
  2. The medium is inserted under the print head.
  3. The print head has minute pins on its surface, allowing for detailed designs.
  4. The print head is heated to a high temperature.
  5. The medium passes through the digital print head, where heat and pressure is applied.
  6. The process permanently bonds the foil and the printing medium together.
  7. The hot foil stamping process is complete.

Whether you opt for manual or digital hot stamping, both will create equally visually stunning foil designs that are guaranteed to attract attention and stand out.

What can I use hot foil stamping for?

Hot foil stamping can be used to enhance the appearance of a range of goods and products. Some of the popular products that include foil design are:

  • Gift cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Magazines
  • Business cards
  • Passports
  • Wedding invitations
  • Packaging
  • Diaries/books
  • Boxes
  • Keyrings

The possibilities for decorating your branded products with bespoke foil design are endless. Due to the range of colours and patterns available, you can create a personalised product that attracts attention and harnesses interest.

What materials are suitable for hot foil stamping?

If you’re thinking of using hot foil stamping for your enhancing the appearance of your goods, then it’s worth knowing which materials are suitable to withstand the process.

Suitable materials for hot foil stamping include:

  • Leather
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Fabrics

You can create some really interesting and creative designs using hot foil stamping, allowing you to encase your goods in a shiny appearance that attracts the eye and stimulates consumer interest.

What are the different types of hot foil?

There is a range of foils available, allowing you creative reign to design unique products or packaging. The different types of foil include

Metallic foils

Metallic foils usually come in gold or silver and provide a luxurious and elegant appeal to the finished product or packaging.

Pigmented foils

Pigmented foils come in a range of different colours, from blues, pinks and greens, they offer creative freedom when designing a product.

Pearlescent foils

This type of foil produces a pearly finish, which looks great on luxurious products, they usually come in a semi-transparent finish.

Holographic foils

Holographic foils usually include 2 or more colours, creating a type of rainbow effect that diffracts the light.

Pattern foils

Pattern foils can include a range of designs, from dotted patterns to sparkles, stripes and marble effects; they are great for adding that in that extra visual appeal.

Hot stamping foil suppliers in Ireland

Obeeco is a leading supplier of hot foil stamping products across Ireland. We help manufacturing companies enhance the appeal of their goods and create unique designs that make their brand stand out on the shelf and set their products apart from the competition.