Obeeco Ltd is the Irish distributor for a range of international processing organisations and has extensive experience in the food and beverage industry including food preparation.  Obeeco is the Irish Agent for GEA Further Processing & Packaging, one of the world’s leading providers of innovative smart food preparation, processing and packaging solutions.


GEA Further Processing & Packaging have a choice of machines for the following food preparation areas.

Mixing & Grinding by GEA

Processing Grinder

GEA FPP offers a comprehensive range of grinders, mixers and combined mixer-grinders to match your unique processing requirements.   GEA FPP offers machines that are suitable for fresh or frozen meat, vegetables or cheese.  Designed with flexibility, low costs and of course food safety in mind, their versatile units can be quickly adapted to a wide variety of functions and food.

Defrosting by GEA ColdSteam

Prep - GEA Coldsteam

Defrosting frozen meat can be hugely challenging from a product consistency, time management and food safety perspective.  It can be very hard to control how it reacts and it is usually very time consuming.

GEA FPP offer a solution in the GEA ColdSteam range that reduces defrosting time from days to minutes.  This highly controlled process uses steam under vacuum to efficiently and quickly defrost meat without scalding, damaging or causing denaturation of protein.

Cutting by GEA CutMaster


The Gea CutMaster is a food processor like you have never seen before, it cuts, mixes and emulsifies all different kind of food produce from coarse to very fine.  Optionally, products can be cooked or cooled.

The GEA CutMaster is suitable for a wide range of products in the food processing industry.  Think of foods that need cutting and mixing such as meat, fish, vegetarian and poultry sausages, pies, pastes, sauces and processed cheese to name a few.

Emulsifying by GEA EcoCut programme of Emulsifiers

Prep- GEA EcoCut

GEA FPP offer the food industry a choice of emulsifiers suitable for the full spectrum of production and capacity needs.


Obeeco is the Irish agent for GEA Further Processing & Packaging.  To talk to one of our team about the GEA FPP range please   CONTACT US