Packaging Machinery: supplied by Obeeco LTD

At Obeeco, we supply an incredible range of packaging machinery to manufacturers throughout Ireland. We provide expert advice on packaging solutions for a range of different sectors, including food and drink, confectionery, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electronics and much more!

Packaging machinery solutions

We are the Irish agents for leading international packaging machinery companies. Depending on your product’s needs, we can recommend the best type of packaging machinery, ensuring a cost-effective, high-performing, and efficient product packaging process.

Whether you need resealable packaging for cosmetic items or airtight solutions for food produce, we can recommend the best machinery for your packaging needs. As Ireland’s leading supplier of packaging machinery, we are in a position to provide expert advice that’s tailored to your business’ needs.

Why is packaging so important?

Packaging solutions for your manufactured products is a crucial component of the product’s entire lifecycle. The importance of suitable product packaging is not to be underestimated, as it:

  • Ensures optimal freshness and long lasting quality.
  • Ensures a safe and untampered with product.
  • Enables your product to be seen as a convenient solution.
  • Enhances the customer’s journey when interacting with your product.

Product packaging not only ensures the consistent quality of your products, but it also serves as a marketing tactic. If your product is difficult to interact with, it will only serve to frustrate customers, which is why paying attention to the product packaging is so important.

Types of packaging machinery

At Obeeco, we can advise your business on the most suitable solution for achieving your product packaging needs. From the preservation and presentation of your product, we are experts in finding the most appropriate packaging machinery that you can add to your production floor.

The different types of packaging machinery that we can supply include:

Thermoforming Packaging Machinery


Thermoforming packaging machinery moulds a single sheet of plastic around your product in order to create a unique shape that is bespoke to your product’s dimensions. The machine will stretch a piece of pliable thermoplastic sheet around a mould using heat and vacuum technology, before cooling it into the desired shape.

This type of packaging machinery is usually used for food packaging, toys, domestic appliances and pharmaceutical products. The most commonly used type of plastic for this packaging machinery includes; Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS), Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE). Although almost all thermoplastic types of plastic are suitable for this machine.

At Obeeco, we can supply thermoforming packaging machinery, as we are the Irish suppliers of GEA Further Processing & Packaging machinery.

Shrink Wrapping and Over Wrapping Packaging Machinery

packaging marden edwards Sept

Shrink wrapping and over wrapping are a type of packaging machinery that produce a tight ream of plastic wrap that is fitted around the product. This is an extremely versatile piece of packaging machinery, capable of sealing around large items like vehicle parts and roll cages, to smaller items such as vegetables and dvd cases.

The shrink wrap packaging machine fits polyethylene film around the product before sealing it in a heat tunnel, producing a tightly fitted packaging that keeps dust and moisture at bay. There is usually some excess film in this process and this is simply trimmed at the end for a neat packaging finish.

Over wrapping produces a similar result, but instead uses polypropylene film to cover the products. Overwrapping does not leave any excess film, which cuts down on wasted material and the film itself produces a clear cut edge, which has a cleaner and neater finish compared to shrink wrap machinery.

With over wrapping packaging machinery, you can also include branded packaging around your product, increasing brand awareness and acting as a tangible marketing tactic.

At Obeeco, we can advise you on the most appropriate solution, whether that is overwrapping or shrink wrapping technology. We stock packaging machinery form Marden Edwards, who are the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of wrapping and packaging machinery equipment.

Pouch and sachet packaging machinery

Packaging - pouches bossar

Pouch packaging design is created with the end-user in mind. It offers greater levels of convenience, is able to contain liquids, provide optimal freshness and embed seal and resealable functionality. In the age of product marketing, it’s one of the greatest assets from setting your product apart from competition.

Sachet packaging is another convenient packaging option for your products. This type of packaging provides portion controlled options, tough seals against leakages and spills and easy transportation and storage of your branded product.

Sachet and pouch packaging both offer greater levels of convenience for your customers’ needs and they can both be used to contain an impressive range of products. At Obeeco, we can advise you on the most appropriate solution and we stock a range of pouch and sachets packaging machinery from industry leaders – Bossar Packaging.

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Machinery

Packaging GEA smartpacker

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Machinery is a type of packaging process that automates the entire assembly line. It literally does what it says, in that it forms, fills and seals the entire product.

This type of packaging machinery is usually used within the food and drink industry as it reduces human contamination in food and drink produce and keeps it in optimal freshness and sanitised packaging.

As the Irish agent for GEA Further Processing & Packaging, we can provide a range of high-performance Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Machinery, ensuring that your product is packaged efficiently and presented attractively.

Packaging machinery solutions Ireland

Obeeco is a leading supplier of packaging machinery in Ireland. We provide a solution and avenue for Irish manufacturers to obtain machinery from a range of reputable, worldwide packaging machinery providers.

With over 40 years of experience in supplying manufacturers with high-performing packaging machinery, we can advise your manufacturing business on the best option, regardless of what sector you are based in.

Whether your product needs to be kept in optimal freshness or you need a packaging design that will stand out to customers, we can help you add suitable packaging machinery that is cost-effective and high performing, to your production floor.