XL5000 Overview
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Thermal transfer printing

Thermal-transfer printing is a digital printing method in which material is applied to paper (or some other material) by melting a coating of ribbon so that it stays glued to the material on which the print is applied.

Thermal transfer is preferred over direct thermal printing on surfaces that are heat-sensitive or when higher durability of printed matter (especially against heat) is desired. Thermal transfer is a popular print process particularly used for the printing of identification labels. It is the most widely used printing process in the world for the printing of high-quality barcodes. Printers like label makers can laminate the print for added durability.

Obeeco offers Diagraph (formerly Allen Coding) Thermal Transfer Printers which have high quality printing capabilities including alpha-numeric, barcodes and graphics. Flexible and user friendly controls adjust printer settings and print messages from a controller or remotely from PC.

The data is generated in real-time, batch codes. Sequential numbering and many other variable fields are possible.