Obeeco Ltd is the Irish distributor for a range of international processing organisations and has extensive experience in the food and beverage industry including food preparation.  Obeeco is the Irish Agent for GEA Further Processing & Packaging, one of the world’s leading providers of innovative smart food preparation, processing and packaging solutions.

GEA FPP is an industry leader in food processing, and has a selection of machines for forming, coating, frying, cooking, grilling and freezing.

Wet Coating with GEA WetCoater


The GEA WetCoater delivers an even batter coverage, using an under-bath and a four-layer batter curtain. It is a cost efficient machine to provide a batter layer for adhesion of breading.

Dry Coating with GEA Multidrum

Processing - Dry Coating - Chicken

With the GEA Multidrum, GEA FPP has perfected an innovative multi-drum breader that overcomes all of the automated home-style breading drawbacks to produce authentic looking natural bone-in and boneless products with a crunchy golden coating.  GEA FPP has thought of everything in the development of this machine which is consistently performing highly.

Frying & Oil Treatment: GEA EasyFry

Processing - easyfry

Your deep-fried products need to be crisp, crunchy and golden-coloured, Obeeco works with GEA FPP to achieve this.  GEA Further Processing & Packaging has over 40 years experience in frying on an industrial scale and can help you achieve perfect results with a range of frying solutions that guarantee attractive and tasty products – from chicken nuggets and fish fingers to non-coated fried pork and vegetarian products.  The latest performance enhancements to the GEA EasyFry include increased belt speed, enhanced food safety, improved sanitation and highly effective sediment removal.

Roasting & Spiral Cooking with GEA Cookstar

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Production, NPD and sales will be in heaven when they see the functionality and flexibility of the GEA Cookstar.  Two independently controlled cooking zones ensure the best results for all kinds of products and are ideal for steaming, cooking, spiral cooking and roasting.  What’s more is the finance team will see how these efficient cooking methods – with the lowest operating and running costs in the industry – will boost yields and increase profits for the organisation. The GEA CookStar scores highly in all areas.

In line Cooking with GEA FlowCook

03. Outfeed CookStar with smoked chicken.jpg

With the GEA FPP linear ovens you can produce steamed, cooked and roasted products with a high yield and attractive appearance. For smaller capacities the GEA FlowCook provides an excellent choice of cooking. The GEA FlowCook brings uniformity, versatility, simplicity and reliability together.

Grill Marker with GEA TwinGrill

Processing Grilling

With the GEA Twin Grill you can add an appetising grilled taste and appearance to the low-fat convenience foods consumers now demand without adding oil or fat.   Flexible solution that grills a wide range of products producing excellent browning. . The GEA TwinGrill has a high output with economical energy costs.

Obeeco is the Irish distributor for GEA Further Processing & Packaging.

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