Obeeco represents internationally renowned organisations which provide lines of packaging machines, assembly lines and flexible materials handling solutions.  This equipment is typically found in production facilities for confectionery, food and drink, pharmaceutical and technical goods.

Packing Lines: Schubert

automation - schubert

Obeeco is a recognised Sales Partner of The Schubert Group who provide solutions that facilitate food, beverage, technical and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the packing of their produce.  In particular Schubert machines assist in the erecting of boxes; loading and filling of boxes, cans, tubes etc; closing and labelling of boxes, cans, cups and bottles; palletising of boxes and trays and many other packing functions.

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Converging Machines by Consol Converging Solutions.

automation - consol

Obeeco is a recognised Sales Partner of Consol Converging Solutions Limited who produce a varied range of converging machines which assist manufactures in fully automating their production area and overcoming any end of line issues such as pack stacking.

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Conveyors and feed systems by Cox & Plant

Automation cox and plant

Cox & Plant specialise in vibratory conveyors and distribution conveyors, moving your produce from one process to another in a safe and controlled manner. Cox & Plant boast extremely compact, efficient, and easy to clean and service conveyors and feed systems. Cox & Plant take a modular approach to construction, thus we can all work together to design and install a system to suit any produce, any application, any duty and any industry.

Obeeco is a recognised Sales Partner of Cox & Plant, so if you are interested in hearing more about their world class modular conveyors.   contact us