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Industrial Ink: supplied by Obeeco LTD

Industrial Ink

Obeeco supplies a range of high-quality industrial inks. We help manufacturers obtain the most suitable ink for their printing process, ensuring optimal performance and product outcome. We also stock printing solvents, make-up, top-ups and wash solutions, ensuring that your industrial printer remains efficient and in working order.

Industrial Ink for inkjet printing

Industrial inkjet printing has become an integral component on the production floor of many manufacturing businesses. The inkjet technology has allowed manufacturers to increase their speed of printing, improve the output quality, save on production costs and reduce their inventory.

How does industrial inkjet printing work?

In industrial inkjet printing, the printhead doesn’t actually come into contact with the printing medium; instead, tiny droplets are released from the printhead onto the printing surface. These ink droplets are smaller than a human hair in diameter, creating an almost spray-like effect onto the printing medium.
Benefits of industrial inkjet printing
Manufacturers who are adopting industrial inkjet printing onto the production floor, benefit from the huge commercial gains, increasing the scalability and efficiency of their production process.

The benefits of this type of printing technology are tenfold, including:

  • High-quality output of products.
  • Increased accuracy when printing.
  • Increased speed of printing.
  • Reduction in inventory.
  • Mass production and customization.
  • Able to print onto fragile mediums.
  • Able to print onto non-flat surfaces.
  • Able to print onto very small surfaces.
  • Overall reduction in manufacturing costs.

At Obeeco, we supply high-quality industrial inks that are suitable for a range of industrial printers, ensuring that you achieve the desired printing outcome.

Continuous Inkjet Printer

A continuous inkjet printer is the most common type of industrial printer found on the production floor. It is usually used for labelling products within the food and drink industry, pharmaceutical sector or beauty industry.

A continuous inkjet printer is an extremely versatile piece of printing equipment, capable of printing onto a range of mediums, including plastic, paper, metal and even foods such as egg shells.

How does a continuous inkjet printer work?

A continuous inkjet printer uses an ink reservoir to pump ink through the printhead nozzles continuously. This creates a steady stream of ink that is designed to produce prints with pinpoint accuracy and increased efficiency.

The printer uses high-frequency vibration and electrode technology to print onto the printing mediums. No ink is wasted in this process which ensures that manufacturers save on production costs and reduce their output of waste materials.

Industrial Ink for Continuous Inkjet Printer

Selecting the correct type of ink is a crucial step when working with a continuous inkjet printer. The ink needs to keep pace with the fast production line and produce consistent results.

Selecting the wrong type of ink could result in smudged labels, which is a waste for manufacturers who needs accurate labelling on their products, i.e.) expiry dates, batch numbers or serial numbers.

At Obeeco, we can advise you on the most suitable inks for your printing needs. Whether you need industrial ink that can withstand high temperatures or ink that meets statutory requirements for food and drink labelling – we can advise you on the most appropriate option, ensuring that you get the optimal performance from your printer.

Large Character Inkjet printer

Large character inkjet printers are increasingly being added to the assembly line of the production process. They are able to print large symbols, dates, codes, logos, or other important information in a larger format, something that standard inkjet printers are incapable of doing.

Large-character printers are able to print onto various materials, including porous and nonporous mediums. They eradicate the need for additional labelling because the information is printed directly onto the product itself.

How does a large character inkjet printer work?

A large character industrial printer works similarly to other inkjet printers. It’s a non-contact form of printing that uses air to print the ink onto the printing medium. The advantage for manufacturers is that it allows for fast-paced printing on a larger format without compromising on accuracy or quality.

Industrial ink for Large Character Inkjet

Large character inkjet printers are able to print onto various materials, including plastic, wood, fabric, cardboard and much more. Depending on the type of product that needs to be labelled, specific industrial ink will be required in order to achieve the desired printing results.

At Obeeco, we can advise on the most suitable type of ink that is required for large character inkjet printers, ensuring that your printing process is able to keep pace with the assembly line and is optimised for increased efficiency and performance.

Solvents for industrial ink

In industrial printing, solvents ensure that the ink dries quickly and that the finished printed product is waterproof and able to withstand scratches or abrasion. They are great for increasing the longevity of the label and for adhering to non-porous mediums and outdoor products.

Solvents do not contain water and have a high evaporation rate. In the printing process, they create a chemical bond between the ink and printing medium, meaning that they can be used for printing onto a range of materials such as vinyl, plastics, PVC and other non-absorbent mediums.

In the printing process, solvents will increase the lifespan of the label, ensuring high pigmentation and increased resistance to fading. At Obeeco, we can advise on the best type of solvents for your industrial inks, ensuring that you have the correct solvent for your printing process.

Industrial ink suppliers Ireland

At Obeeco, we supply industrial ink to manufacturers all across Ireland. We have helped businesses in many different industries, perfect their printing process and increase the efficiency of their assembly line. We source the highest quality inks, ensuring that your printed products have an excellent finish and are able to achieve the desired outcome of your labelling or printing needs.

We also supply a range of wash solutions, toners and top-ups, providing a one-stop-shop for all of your industrial printing needs. Our expert team is on hand to answer any questions you may have and to recommend the most appropriate industrial ink solutions to meet your manufacturing needs.