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Industrial Ink

Industrial Ink: supplied by Obeeco LTD

Obeeco supplies a range of high-quality industrial inks. We help manufacturers obtain the most suitable ink for their printing process, ensuring optimal performance and product outcome. We also stock printing solvents, make-up, top-ups and wash solutions, ensuring that your industrial printer remains efficient and in working order. Industrial Ink for inkjet printing Industrial inkjet printing

Hot Stamping Foil

Hot Stamping Foil: supplied by Obeeco LTD

Obeeco supplies hot stamping foil across Ireland. We help manufacturing companies distinguish their products from competitors and increase consumer interest for their goods. Foils come in a range of patterns, finishes and colours, perfect for creating a unique design that enhances the visual appeal of your product or packaging. What is hot foil stamping? Hot

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal Transfer Ribbon: supplied by Obeeco LTD

Obeeco is Ireland’s leading supplier of thermal transfer ribbons. We help manufacturing companies improve their printing process, increase efficiency and produce high-quality prints that are durable and long-lasting. What is a Thermal Transfer Ribbon Printer? A thermal transfer ribbon printer is a digital printer that uses a special type of ribbon to print onto the