sigma f1 frontierYamato is one of the leading global manufacturers of commercial weighing equipment and with over 90 years manufacturing experience.

Yamato provide unique and innovate weighing machines to help customers ensure their packaging process are as efficient and productive as possible.

Their range of multihead weighers are designed to be energy efficient, accurate, hygienic and easy to use. With their vast knowledge Yamato can design and build and customise mulithead weighing solutions for a wide range of industry sectors – Fresh and Frozen produce, non food and hardware.

Multihead weighers

Multihead weighers can be either automatic or semi-automatic, and are designed to weigh large quantities of different products at high speeds - reliably and accurately. Our range includes entry level machines and more technically advanced models:

  • Alpha Plus series
  • Sigma series
  • Dataweigh Omega series
  • Semi-automatic dataweigh (SDW)
  • Table top dataweigh (TDW)
  • Tabletop semi-automatic dataweigh (TSDW)


Checkweighers ensure your packaged products have been packed at the correct weight. If not, the checkweigher rejects the product to ensure you comply with the strictest legislation and your profitability is not compromised.

Metal detector systems

The Yamato metal detectors check that there are no contaminants, such as metal fragments, in your products to ensure complete safety for your customers.

Case Packers

Yamato can offer the FCP series case packers which meet manufacturer’s demands for a flexible, reliable case packing machine.