teflon-imageWe offer a range of Teflon® coated glass fabric tapes which are used as release tape for the protection of heat-sealing wires and jaws in shrink wrapping operations.  Specialist tapes include UHMW PE which has an extremely low coefficient of friction and high abrasion resistance and Virgin Skived PTFE (Teflon®) which is highly conformable and is more effective when applying to shaped moulds.The Teflon® coated glass tapes are supplied in rolls of widths and lengths, they can be precision slit to exact customer specifications.

Our tapes zone tapes and heat sealer tapes are supplied for various kinds of L-bar sealing and packaging machines. Adhesive is applied to the side of the tape, leaving the centre free of adhesive so as not to inhibit the heat transfer during the sealing process.Zone tape is often used when sealing two layers of plastic (bag and liner manufacture) and shrink wrap sealing.  Side loop tape is used particularly in vacuum packaging machines.Our product range and technical data sheets are available on request for the following range of products: The full range of products available include:

  • Adhesive and non-adhesive Teflon® coated fabric tapes
  • Virgin Skived Teflon® (PTFE) tapes
  • UHMW PE tapes
  • Zone tapes
  • Side loop tapes
  • Packaging belts for side sealing and other applications