Slicing & Loading

As far as slicing and packing ham, sausage, bacon and cheese products is concerned, GEA Food Solutions is an expert you can count on. For over 40 years now they have been a major player in the industry based on their solutions and the continuous goal of increasing your performance. Maximum product utilisation, optimum output, product safety by virtue of the hygienic machine design, durability, flexibility and future-proofness are the success factors that GEA Food Solutions offers its customers with the latest technology. By consistently developing innovations, GEA Food Solutions continuously pushes back the limits of feasibility.


GEA-MegaSlicerGEA MegaSlicer

GEA MegaSlicer diverse slicing options

When it comes to high productivity and covering a very wide range of applications, the GEA MegaSlicer offers one of the most efficient combinations on the market. The choice between circular or involute blade technology allows the machine to be used for a wide variety of applications and capacities.
Many auxiliary modules and functions make the machine a specialist for optimized portion quality and economic efficiency in every product segment. Automatic product loading from the rear is fast, reliable and protects the product.


GEA RobotLoader

GEA-RobotLoaderThe GEA RobotLoader can be integrated into Thermoformer and Traysealer lines and is designed to handle sliced products as well as single pieces of convenience food. As the only complete solution provider for slicing and packaging of meat, sausage and cheese, GEA Food Solutions sees it as its responsibility to offer customers the right loading system for their specific requirements and to supply them with an optimally automated line. The GEA Robot- Loader meets the tough hygiene and cleanability demands of the food industry, while offering outstanding productivity and almost limitless options for product presentation.