Gea Packaging


thermoforming 215x100Thermoformers have a dual role of presentation and preservation. Your products are packed in precise formed packages using heat to form the packaging which fits round your products. This ensure that you can keep your products fresh and well presented

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Vertical Form fill Seal Machinery

Vertical Form fill Seal MachineryBeautiful packaging differentiates your products and therefore boosts sales. That's why GEA Vertical Form-Fill-Seal packaging equipment provides a wide variety of options. It also lowers your overall cost of ownership by maximising throughput and uptime. With our solutions, you can bag all kinds of products in a wide range of vertical packaging styles.

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traysealing3 215x100GEA traysealers are extremely versatile packaging systems with a variety of lidding and sealing applications. In addition they handle commercial tray sizes and shapes and also those which require special orientation. All systems are meeting todays and tommorrows hygene standards

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