Tumbling or massaging optimizes product quality and the consistency of the marinating process. It ensures even brine distribution and softens the structure of the meat to extract maximum value from your product. GEA Food Solutions tumbling and GEA Food Solutions massaging solutions combine high performance with short processing times, adding to your potential profitability.

TumblingGEA RotoDrum

Inline tumbler to remove excess brine and stimulate protein extraction

The GEA RotoDrum removes excess brine from injected whole birds, half birds, chicken legs, pork backs & bellies and several beef cuts. It also stimulates protein extraction in the injected parts which increases brine retention and reduces the chance of brine pockets. Excess brine is returned for re-use in the brine injector. As it is an in-line process fed directly from the injector, there is no human interference, which not only reduces the risk of bacterial contamination, it also increases line efficiency.

The effective way to remove excess brine from larger injected parts and stimulate protein extraction