An even color, a pleasing mouth feel, perfect texture and excellent taste. These are the benefits of marination that add value to your products, and tenderizing helps achieve perfect results. Tenderizing also promotes binding, increases yield and improves color in ham production. GEA Food Solutions has two tenderizing solutions – one based on rotating knife rollers, the other combining injection needles with tenderizing ('steaker') knives.

TenderizingGEA TenderCarve

Rotating knife roller The GEA TenderCarve is a rotating knife tenderizer that cuts the surface of boneless meat using two rotating knife rollers. As a result, the surface area of the product is enlarged, leading to better binding (due to more effective protein extraction) and improved brine absorption during the subsequent tumbling or massaging process. This tenderizing process improves the quality of the finished product and facilitates a shorter curing time after injection. Rotating knife tenderizer efficiently promotes protein extractions increase outside surface area and shorten curing time.