Tumbling or massaging optimizes product quality and the consistency of the marinating process. It ensures even brine distribution and softens the structure of the meat to extract maximum value from your product. GEA Food Solutions tumbling and GEA Food Solutions massaging solutions combine high performance with short processing times, adding to your potential profitability.

MassagingGEA PowerCure

Straight-through massaging, minimum footprint, improved product quality with uniform colour development.

Traditionally, you need to be patient to produce a ham. Especially the hold-overnight in the cold storage is time consuming. Another challenge is finding the right equipment, so not too aggressive but also not too soft to massage your raw materials in the proper way. The solution is the GEA PowerCure. Utilizing new massaging technology developed through extensive research - with direct transfer of energy from paddle-to-product and product-to-product - the GEA PowerCure significantly shortens production time and improves product quality.

Perfect massaging performance with significant shorter process time

Developed for lean production and consistent end product quality