Whether you produce red meat, pork, poultry or fish products, brine injection can increase profits and give you more opportunities to develop a variety of food products that appeal to trend sensitive or quality-demanding consumers. GEA Brine injectors ensure even distribution throughout the product, and can be easily configured for a range of food products – giving you extra production flexibility.

InjectingGEA MultiJector

Versatility and flexibility without compromise

The GEA MultiJector is a multi-purpose brine injector that does not compromise on the accuracy or performance you can get from an application-specific machine. It sets new standards for hygiene, food safety and cleanability. It is a flexible solution for injecting bone-in, boneless and delicate products, and is packed with cutting-edge technology that add value to your products and processes.

  • Redefining accuracy in brine injection
  • Application-specific performance for a multitude of applications
  • Breakthrough solution for cleaning
  • Unmatched service-ability