Brine Preparation

The starting point for successful marinating is a homogeneously mixed brine or marinade. Carefully formulated brine that is mixed and stored under tightly controlled conditions will enhance the value, consistency and safety of your end product. Our brine preparation systems not only meet the most stringent process-related criteria, but also incorporate time- and labor-saving features that bring down the cost of ownership.

Brine-PreparationGEA ScanBrine

Perfect mixing from light brines up to heavy marinades.

Homogeneous brines and marinades are a critical factor in the marination process. The application-based venturi/pump combinations of the GEA ScanBrine delivers perfect mixing from light brines up to heavy marinades. The machine features modular mixing and storage tanks from 500 to 3000 liters, making it possible to expand the system and increase capacity. It is equipped with a single-speed stirring device and easy to operate control panel.