Marden Edwards

Marden Edwards Limited, was established in 1961, is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of wrapping and packaging machinery equipment.

Marden Edwards has successfully manufactured and installed over 9000 Packaging Machinery systems. By focusing on a number of key machinery types Marden Edwards has built up an unrivalled expertise in the following area.

B100FF-OverwrapperOverwrapping Machines

Marden Edwards offers a complete portfolio of Overwrapping machines, otherwise known as cellophane wrapping machines. Ranging from entry level machines to high speed integrated systems Marden Edwards has the Overwrapping solution suited to your need. 

Stretchbanding and Sleeverwrappers

An alternative to collating products with an Overwrapping machine is to use a stretchbander. This system wraps usiPSB300-stretchbanderng low cost polyethylene film and uses two reels of film to form a web through which the product passes.

Unlike an overwrapper, the ends of the wrap are left open. One advantage of this is that less tooling is required when the product size changes and size changeovers take 5 minutes or less.

After the product has been collated it is positively transferred through the film web. The film is stretched tight around the product and is then heat sealed. The resultant band is strong enough to hold the collation together and enables a dramatic reduction in the use of Packaging material if the collation is being formed solely for transit purposes.

Product Handling Systems

Of almost as much importance as the wrapping is the product handling before the product reaches the wrapping machine anFlat-bed-conveyor-designed-for-the-manual-and-automatic-loading-of-paper-reamd after it leaves it. There is no point in producing a Packaging machine unless it is presented in a way which is suitable for the production line layout as well as the needs of the product format.

Marden Edwards goes out of its way to ensure that the customer is provided with the Packaging system that meets his production needs. Utilising the extensive design and manufacturing facilities at Marden Edwards it is possible to design and build bespoke pieces of equipment to accommodate a variety of product needs. The experience gained by doing this over the last forty years has lead to a portfolio of products which can be used in isolation or in a combination to achieve the desired effect.
Flat bed conveyor designed for the manual and automatic loading of paper ream

L-Sealer-with-Integrated-Heat-TunnelMarden Edwards Shrink Wrap

In 2004 Wraps UK was purchased by Marden Edwards Limited. The Wraps UK factory was integrated into the Marden Edwards premises and full advantage was taken of the integrated high tech component manufacturing facility enabling even more robust construction techniques to be used.

Today Marden Edwards designs, manufactures and assemble shrink wrapping machines under the established brand name of Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap. The systems complement the range of Marden Edwards machinery by enabling entry level, manual machines as well as high speed, sophisticated equipment to be supplied.

The shrink wrapping machinery that is offered is split into two categories - manual and automatic L sealers which wrap with polyolefin for product display purposes as well as manual and automatic sleeve wrappers which are suitable for distribution pack purposes