Consol Converging Solutions

Obeeco Ltd is the agent in Ireland for Consol Converging Solutions  Ltd., which is a well established business with a varied range of machines assisting manufactures in eradicating end of line issues and automating this area of production.


Converging Machines

Integrator 3 High Speed Converger

The High Speed Integrator 3 has been designed to handle very high speed, high number pack formats.  This machine can cope with up to speeds of 200 packs per minute.

Converging with Pack Turning

The Integrator Orientator

The-Integrator-OrientatorFully automatic inline converging system, automatically turns packs through 90 degrees prior to them being collated into a single lane out feed.



The Pack Stacker


The Converging Solutions Pack Stacker is a versatile unit for the automatic stacking of packs.  The Pack Stacker can be configured to suit virtually any style of preformed packs and can be programmed to receive and stack a variety of different pack stack heights on the same line with minimal changeover time required.

The Converging Solutions Pack Stacker helps reduce the ongoing effects of RSI by reducing the number of packs handled by your packing staff.  The machine will improve quality control as it will no longer be necessary to accumulate packs using an accumulation table which can cause both product ageing and damage issues.