Bossar Pouch & Sachet Technology

Established in Barcelona in 1992, BOSSAR is a world leader in the design, development and production of horizontal Form, Fill and Seal machines. Consumers worldwide are looking for packaging that suits their needs, lifestyle and lifestage. Packaging that is appropriately sized, easy to grip, hold, open and close is winning out. Bossar pouches and sachets are being sought out as they have multiple applications in a variety of sectors including

Food & Beverage

Over the years, the need to fulfil the strict hygiene and safety standards of the food & beverage industry has played a key role in the technical evolution of Bossar machines. With that in mind these machines are designed to be flexible and versatile enough to create new package styles for today and for tomorrow as well.

BOSSAR uses its specialized knowledge to handle different food products; from the more basic food to the ultra clean and sophisticated aseptic packaging of food. In combination with these different food products, BOSSAR creates different packaging styles that suit the customers need. Whether that be for basic products or value added foods.

The Bossar Pouches and sachets are used across a variety of wet and dry food & beverage groups in the chilled, frozen and ambient sectors including: Alcoholic beverage, Bread & cookies, Baby food, Cheese, Chocolate, Coffee/Coffee Pod/Coffee Beans, Confectionary, Dairy: yoghurt, sweet condensed milk, Compote/Preserves, Desserts, Dehydrated soups, Dry fruits & nuts, Fruit juices & nectars, Mayonnaise, Milk powder, Mineral water, Oil, Olives & pickles, Snack Food and Spices.

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Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Veterinarian

The majority of today's pouch applications in the pharmaceutical and veterinarian sector are typically high output productions of flat pouches with powder products in single doses. Over the years BOSSAR has developed the technology that can offer precision filling, and can adapt to the specific characteristics of the product to ensure a quality pack.

Bossar machines have been specifically designed to meet the hygiene standards of the pharmaceutical and veterinary industry. Many of the protocols have been standardized so Bossar can offer a complete service of DQ, OQ, IQ and FAT validation procedures.

On the other hand, the characteristics of the cosmetic industry applications are small doses of liquid or creamy products and special shapes –as the sector demands higher added value products in a premium package. This has made Bossar specialists in the technology of micro-dose filling such as shaped punch die systems and very high quality seals for insertion of sample pouches into magazines.

Aware that most applications consist of emulsions and delicate products we can work with you to carefully select the correct filling systems as well as dispensing nozzles to suit each and every product type.
Examples of product applications include:
Creams, Pharmaceutical liquids, Pharmaceutical powders, Pharmaceutical special, Shower gel, Sun screen, Shampoo, Towelettes, Veterinary granulated, Veterinary powder

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Home Care

The technical evolution of the BOSSAR machinery range along with the advancing performance of packaging film material has meant that BOSSAR has been able to lead the market for liquid Doypack pouch machines.

Many of the household care products are liquid and are mainly packaged in rigid containers. These machines offer an alternative approach for a wider range of products, allowing greater flexibility for the consumer and easier storage.

Examples of product applications include:
Dishwash Detergernt, Detergent, Fabric care colour & white, Fabric Softener Multipurpose cleaners, Plant Care, Wax and floor cleaners



As in other cases, the nature of these particular product applications has pushed BOSSAR to find specific customized solutions to meet the needs of this type of customer.

The great majority of industrial chemical products applications in pouches are liquid based, and, as a consequence, enforce the need for easy cleaning of the machine and a complete filling system with its own CIP system which the operator can control through the HMI touch screen interface.

Current product applications include:
Adhesives, Insecticides, Pesticides and Motor oil

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