About Us

OBEECO was founded in 1980. We are an agency and distribution company, supplying firms in Ireland who are engaged in the Packaging Industry. OBEECO is an Irish owned company and works throughout the island of Ireland.

Packaging Machinery

Our Principals are each leaders in their particular field, and we supply individual machines as well as combining several pieces of equipment from different suppliers to make a complete line. Typically we can supply everything from a simple hand held heat sealing machine for bags, to a completely automated line, weighing,filling, bagging and into the final case, date coding and check-weighing on the way.

Service & Spares

At Obeeco we make every effort to select equipment and materials that are produced to the highest standards requiring minimal attention. For back up we carry a selection of spare parts and we have trained service engineers who offer support for our range of equipment.

Special Products

We are a leading Irish distributor of hot stamping foil and thermal ribbon, as used in date coding and on-line printing equipment. We also distribute Kwik-Lok the unique reusable bag closure and labelling system. Visit the relevant page to learn of other products, including hooks and hangers, special display bags, and other items...